Expats seek new countries as transit point to reach Kuwait

Expats seek new countries as transit point to reach Kuwait

Expats seek new countries as transit point to reach Kuwait

As Dubai – Kuwait ticket prices are skyrocketing, expatriates stranded abroad are seeking new countries as transit destination to reach Kuwait.

While the ban for direct entry to Kuwait for expatriates from 34 countries continues, Dubai was the favourite destination for Indians due to the ease of getting visit visa and low cost for hotel accommodations. But as the number of passengers on this route increased, Kuwait put a daily cap on the number of passengers in this route, the flight tickets from Dubai to Kuwait rose to an all-time high. A one-way ticket from Dubai to Kuwait cost 700 to 800 Kuwaiti Dinars.

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This is forcing the expatriates to seek new destinations as a place of transit for 14 days. Many travellers from India are now taking Turkey as a transit destination. The easy availability of visa for Indians and reasonable cost for ticket rates and 14 days’ accommodation made Turkey a favourite destination for Indians.

Several expatriates from Egypt are also choosing Ethiopia as a transit destination. There are reports that some Indians who got stuck in Dubai after 14 days stay opted Dubai – Ethiopia – Kuwait route to reach Kuwait due to the high price of Dubai – Kuwait direct ticket.

Recently Dubai also tightened their rules for expatriates to enter the country on a visit visa as the number of people choosing Dubai for 14 days stays increases. Last day, around 200 expatriates from India and Pakistan were returned to their home countries from Dubai International Airport for non-compliance with entry requirements for a tourist visa.

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