“Expats need to restore residence online very soon” said by MoI


“Expats need to restore residence online very soon” said by MoI

Certainly, more than 3 million emigrants operating in the private sector can refill their residency electronically, in a step towards the fulfillment of technical assistance and the application of e-government, to reduce the paperwork and decrease the obstruction in the passageways of ministries publishes in Al Qabas

The Ministry of Interior is planning to begin a new system to replace the residencies of Article 18 for civil sector workers, in October, in series to serve more than 3 million emigrants in the nation.

This service, which will be originated by the Ministry of Interior within its website where it will be likely to renew the habitation of the emigrant and his wife and kids automatically outwardly going to the passport offices/residence affairs in their governorates, nor carrying records to examine, this project is the biggest and several important to keep up with the new concept of Kuwait towards the mechanization.

Experts also informed that with the help of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers has been developed linkages among government agencies, and the technological system will provide expats with a plenty of automated services, most prominently the restoration of the habitation of the expatriate and restoration of the residence of his wife, children, and maid, in interest to another critical service to come up is attend visa for relatives of parents, wife or children if they are not staying in the nation .

These duties come after the conclusion of the automatic linking means between the Ministry of Interior and numerous related parties, most notably the General Manpower Authority as it is the group that has the data on the habitation of emigrants and their in-laws, and the General Authority for Civil Information regarding the titles of expatriates as included in Arabic and Latin and the Ministry of Health to accumulate charges automatically, and within the Ministry of Interior website will be loaded the residence fees automatically throughout the company Knet competent to collect government charges, while the work of a late residence will be through the districts of residence affairs in the nation at the moment.

As per the sources, this plan came after the success of the project to renew the houses of domestic workers, which was recommended months before.