Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Netflix is hell bent on producing an absurd amount of original content, and we’re dead set on consuming a lot of it with our eyeballs, not to mention the acquired shows (like Friends) and movies the service has in its library. But how to keep track of it all? Check out our helpful calendar documenting everything Netflix has in store for us in 2019 below — a schedule we’ll be updating throughout the year as more titles and release dates get announced.

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ | Claudette Barius/Netflix

Available 2/1

Dear Ex (Film)
A Taiwanese drama about a woman who learns after her ex-husband dies that he reevaluated his life insurance policy to benefit a mysterious stranger rather than she and her son. When she decides to confront this man, she finds her life and relationship with her family forever changed. Watch the trailer.

Russian Doll (New series)
Natasha Lyonne stars in this upcoming comedy about a woman experiencing her own Groundhog Day-like symptoms, dying repeatedly and waking up again in the bathroom of a wild party in lower Manhattan. Watch the trailer.

Siempre bruja (New series)
A foreign series about a witch who escapes being burned at the stake by time traveling, but must learn to adjust to life in contemporary Colombia in order to maintain her safety. Watch the trailer.

Velvet Buzzsaw (Film)
A star-studded, satirical thriller from Nightcrawler filmmaker Dan Gilroy featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collette, and others as artists and collectors in the LA art scene who come into the possession of a series of paintings, turning their pretentious, luxurious lives upside down.

Available 2/2

Bordertown (Season 2)
Detective Kari Sorjonen continues to solve disturbing murder cases, and this season looks into a series of crimes related to Russia, in this Finnish police drama. 

Romance is a Bonus Book (New series)
A Korean rom-com series about the whirlwind relationship between the youngest man ever to be named editor-in-chief at a popular magazine and a talented copy editor in pursuit of his job. New episodes of the series are set to air every Saturday. 

Available 2/5

Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner (Comedy special)
The legendary comic returns with his first-ever comedy special in 23 years, featuring two full sets about where he and his relationships are at in middle-age. Watch the trailer.

Available 2/8

Big Mouth: My Furry Valentine (available 2/8)
Following the recent second season of Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg’s animated comedy Big Mouth about the awkward woes of middle school, the series is getting a one-off Valentine’s Day special. Watch the trailer.

El arbol de la sangre (Film)
A couple played by Spanish stars Alvaro Cervantes and Ursula Corbero returns to a family home in northern Spain where they divulge to each other secrets from their familial pasts. 

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

‘High Flying Bird’ | Peter Andrews/Netflix

High Flying Bird (Film)
Written by Moonlight screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney and directed by Steven Soderbergh, this sports drama follows a basketball agent (Andre Holland) under pressure duding a pro basketball lockout. Watch the trailer.

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History (Comedy special)
Kevin Hart plans to school fans for Black History Month with a new comedy special in which he gives lessons on lesser known figures throughout history. 

¡Nailed It! México (New reality series)
The comedic reality competition about people who are really bad at baking attempting to bake now has its own Mexican edition.

One Day at a Time (Season 3)
The sincere family sitcom starring Rita Moreno and Justina Machado returns as the three generation Alvarez family continues navigate loss and life together. Watch the trailer.

ReMastered: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke (New episode)
The latest documentary in Netflix’s ReMastered series dives into the mysterious shooting of Sam Cooke, a powerful black musician during the Civil Rights Movement whose death may have been a set up, targeted by the larger music industry. 

Unauthorized Living (New series)
A high profile drug cartel leader learns he has Alzheimer’s and must name a successor before it’s too late, while keeping his diagnosis from his enemies. 

Available 2/9

The Break (Season 2)
After returning to his hometown to investigate a strange murder, detective Yoann Peeters gets caught up in yet another trying case when his former psychiatrist seeks his assistance in proving the innocence of another patient. 

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

‘Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj’ | Cara Howe/Netflix

Available 2/10

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Volume 2)
Comedian Hasan Minhaj’s weekly series about the state of US politics returns for a new slew of episodes, again airing each Sunday. 

Available 2/11

Flavorful Origins: Chaoshan Cuisine (New docuseries)
A documentary food series about the unique tastes and history of Chinese cuisine.

Available 2/14

Dating Around (New reality series)
Netflix is diving head first into the wild world of reality dating TV with their first-ever dating show… which sounds a lot like the MTV aughts’ legend Next. In the series, one single goes on five dates, picking only one person to win a second date — so, a lot like Next, but maybe more in the vein of cuteness rather than raunch.

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho (Comedy special)
Ken Jeong lends his first-ever comedy special to Netflix, chronicling his interesting career path from physician to break-out comic star with pivotal roles in major films like The Hangover

Available 2/15

Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy (New reality series)
In this reality series, iconic comedy writer/director/producer Larry Charles (BoratBruno) travels the world to find humor in unsuspecting, sometimes dangerous places. 

The Breaker Upperers (Film)
An indie comedy from New Zealand about two women who set up an underground service in which they do the deed of breaking up couples in exchange for cash. Watch the trailer.

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

‘The Umbrella Academy’ | Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Available 2/15

The Umbrella Academy (New series)
Based on the graphic novel created by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy is about 43 babies randomly and miraculously born to unconnected women in 1989, some of whom are later taken in by a man who trains them in what he calls The Umbrella Academy, hoping they’ll one day save the world from apocalypse. Eventually becoming estranged, the children reunite as adults upon their adoptive father’s death, and attempt to discover the mystery of their existence. Watch the trailer.

Yucatan (Film)
A Spanish comedy about two con-men who, aboard a cruise ship, attempt to scam a regular man turned lottery winner out of his grand prize. Watch the trailer.

Available 2/21

The Drug King (Film)
Set in the ‘70s, this foreign drama sees a petty thief from Busan transform his life by falling deeper into criminal behavior as he rises in the ranks in the dangerous Japanese drug trade. 

Available 2/22

Chef’s Table (Volume 6)
This installment of the food documentary series focuses on a butcher from Italy, a London-based chef of Indian cuisine, and two purveyors of soul food from the American South, each discussing their tastes and craft. 

Firebrand (Film)
Produced by Priyanka Chopra, this Indian drama follows a series of close knit relationships as they deal with the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Paddleton (Film)
This somber dark comedy documents the unlikely friendship between two neighbors played by Ray Romano and Mark Duplass who grow close when the younger of the two is diagnosed with cancer. Watch the trailer.

Paris Is Us (Film)
A French film about a young woman who begins to reevaluate her life and relationships when she narrowly escapes death by missing a flight she was supposed to take to visit her boyfriend, which ends up crashing. Watch the trailer

Rebellion (Season 2)
The World War I drama about three Irish women and their families returns as the conflict between the British government and revolutionaries begins to grow stronger. 

Suburra (Season 2)
The Italian series looking at the intense land and power conflict between organized crime, politicians, and the Vatican is back, finding rising mafia leaders attempting to seize control of Rome from the underground up. Watch the trailer.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown (Season 2)
The latest installment of Netflix’s familial cooking competition is back with an all new set of 16 food-loving families facing off with their skills in the kitchen. 

The Photographer of Mauthausen (Film)
Based on the true events experienced by Francesc Boix, a Spanish revolutionary who was committed to documenting the horrors of the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria during World War II when he was sent there following the Spanish Civil War. 

Workin’ Moms (New series)
Catherine Reitman (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) created and stars in this new heartfelt comedy about a group of 30-somethings, each juggling the work/life balance of motherhood, love, and trying to keep sane. 

Available 3/1

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (Film)
Based on the memoir of William Kamkwamba, this film looks at his time as a 13-year-old boy in Malawi and the plan he comes up with to save his family and village from famine.

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

Idris Elba in ‘Turn Up Charlie’ | Nick Wall/Netflix

Available 3/15

Triple Frontier (Film) 
This star-studded thriller from J.C. Chandor (Margin Call) and Mark Boal (The Hurt LockerZero Dark Thirty) features the likes of Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal as a group of former Special Force operatives who team back up to plan a seemingly impossible heist in South America, which as they attempt to see through, quickly proves to spiral out of control. The movie is scheduled for release on March 15, but it’s unclear yet whether that means in theaters or on Netflix.

Turn Up Charlie (New series)
Idris Elba also DJs. If you didn’t know, now you know. Idris Elba also happens to play a DJ named Charlie in this new comedy about a struggling electronic artist who takes a gig as a manny to pay the bills… and also grow out of his phase as a lifelong bachelor.

Available 3/22

The Dirt (Film)
Another musical biopic is on the way, and this time metal is getting its own treatment. The Dirt chronicles Mötley Crüe’s rise from young kids trying to make it in Hollywood to the musical legends of the ‘80s they became, featuring the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Douglas Booth, Iwan Rheon, and Daniel Webber as the band.

Available 3/29

The Highwaymen (Film)
Director John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) tells the overlooked story of how the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde were finally brought down by the devoted investigation of two unsuspecting former Texas rangers, in this thriller brought to life by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson.

Available 4/1

ULTRAMAN (New series)
A new anime series about a boy who learns he is connected to a line of heroes meant to fight alien invaders. Watch the trailer.

Available 4/5

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Season 2)
The dark, witchy drama is already back for its second season, just a little over six months after its initial premiere, finding the titular witch (Kiernan Shipka) uncovering the truth behind her family’s mysterious, supernatural past. Watch the trailer.

Our Planet (New docuseries)
It’s Netflix’s own version of Planet Earth! And it’s narrated by Sir David Attenborough! Watch the trailer.

July 4

Stranger Things (Season 3) 
Ever wonder what the summer of 1985 was like in Hawkins, Indiana, after a mega-monster from the Upside Down nearly destroyed the town? Well, get ready.

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

’13 Reasons Why’ | Netflix

Unscheduled Upcoming Releases

Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City (New series)
A 10-episode reboot of the Laura Linney starring series about a woman named Mary Ann Singleton and her interesting friendships upon moving to San Francisco in the ‘70s. While revisiting Linney’s character, the series will also focus on her daughter, played by Ellen Page, in contemporary times. 

13 Reasons Why (Season 3)
The controversial teen drama that has now expanded well past the novel it’s based on to cover other issues in high schools, from gun violence to sexual assault, is set for a third season, which is on its way for a 2019 release date.

Bard of Blood (New series)
The popular Indian espionage novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqui is being adapted into a series, following a former agent who must revisit one of his dangerous missions from 10 years prior and its repercussions today.

Black Mirror (Season 5)
Despite the attention-grabbing release of “Bandersnatch,” an interactive installment that has wowed and vexed people in equal measure, Netflix says Season 5 is still on the way.

Central Park Five (New series)
Ava DuVernay is set to adapt a mini-series dramatization of the infamous true crime story known as the Central Park Five, in which five black teens from Harlem were wrongly convicted for the brutal rape of a woman in Central Park in the ‘80s. Michael K. Williams, Vera Farming, and John Leguizamo are set to appear. 

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings (New series)
A theatrical anthology series tailor made for Dolly Parton fans everywhere, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings brings to life stories inspired by some of the singer’s classic songs, giving tracks like “Jolene” and others their own episodic plot. 

Eli (Film)
A horror film about a young boy with a rare medical disease whose parents have thrust him into the experimental treatments of an unconventional doctor.

Hache (New series)
Inspired by true events, Hache illustrates the trials and tribulations faced by a woman thrown into high-profile heroin trafficking in 1960s Barcelona.

Klaus (Film)
An animated Santa Claus origin story from filmmaker Sergio Pablos featuring a star-studded voice cast with the likes of JK Simmons, Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, and Joan Cusack, among others.

Love, Death & Robots (New series)
David Fincher (ZodiacSe7en), Tim Miller (Deadpool), and others are at the helm of this animated anthology series about a set of horror and sci-fi inspired short stories. 

Every Original Movie and TV Show Coming to Netflix in 2019

The OA (Season 2)
Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s very odd sci-fi series — about a blind woman named Prairie (Marling) who went missing and comes home years later with the ability to see — returns for Season 2. Expect more otherworldly mysteries uncovered, a lot more of those movements.

Raising Dion (New series)
When Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) loses her husband (Michael B. Jordan), she fears how challenging raising her son Dion as a single mother will be. Soon that challenge reveals to be more complex than she could have imagined, though, as her child begins developing superhuman capabilities, forcing her to uncover the truth of where they came from, while keeping him safe.

Wine Country (Film)
Amy Poehler’s directorial debut is a forthcoming comedy starring her Saturday Night Live co-stars Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and others, inspired by a wild weekend she and her girlfriends shared.

Be sure to check back for more updates as additional series and films are announced.

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