Engineers Degree verification outsourced to private firm

Engineers Degree verification outsourced to private firm
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Engineers Degree verification outsourced to private firm

Kuwait Engineers Society has finalized an agreement with a Swedish company to verify expat engineers’ degree certificates.

The company will check on the accreditation of expatriate engineers working in Kuwait’s labor market, Chairman of KSE Faisal Al-Atel said. The company is currently doing the accreditation of engineers’ certificates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

As per the new agreement with the company, The engineer submits all his degree certificates to the company and authorizes it to make inquiries. The company will contact the concerned university to check on the authenticity of the documents, as a first step, and the second step will include the process of checking the seals and data, the classification of the university certificate and determining whether the university has international accreditation or not.

As a final step, after the confirmation of the engineer’s certificate and validity, the company will also provide KSE with the criminal, security and behavior record of each person who is applying for the accreditation of university degree to Kuwait Authorities.

The fees are collected by the company directly from the engineer requesting for accreditation.

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