Employers can cancel work permits of criminal workers

No work permits for expats with poor academic grades

Employers can cancel work permits of criminal workers

Employers can now cancel the work permits of their expatriate employees if the employee have been imprisoned based on a final judicial ruling or cancel their residency permits following an absconding notice.

According to report, the employers must submit a request to cancel their expatriate workers’ work permits and return them to their country at the employers’ expense.


In situations when an expatriate employee quits his or her job and joins work under another employer, the latter must foot the expenses of returning the employee to their country after the first employer submits a notice of termination of their former employee’s service.

The authority highlighted the employer’s right to automatically cancel the work permit of its employee if the latter has been outside Kuwait more than six consecutive months unless it is authorized by the General Directorate of Residency Affairs.

It stated that it will cancel employees’ work permits and their residency when they are outside Kuwait or if they are deported for any reason, taking into account the obligation of the employer to pay the prescribed fees.

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