List of emergency numbers in Kuwait

List of emergency numbers in Kuwait

List of emergency numbers in Kuwait

During an emergency situation, it is all too easy to become confused and disoriented. But with a little bit of preparation, you can ensure that you can go through any emergencies in the best possible way.

The most important number for you to remember for Police, Ambulance and Fire Services is 112

Below is list of emergency numbers in Kuwait that you must be aware of:

Name Phone No
Kuwait Police, Ambulance and Fire Services 112
Electricity & Water Emergency 152
Hotline of Kuwait Municipality139
Civil Service Commission1828888 – 133
Kuwait International Airport 161
Zakat House175
Public Institution for Social Security114
Complaints of Consumer Protection 135
Ministry of Public Works 150
Kuwait Municipality 1855555
Ministry of Communication – Maintenance 25312510-22451111-22491111
Ministry of Communication – Complaints 22410000-22450000
Kuwait Municipality 22449001
Arab Planning Institute 24843130
Central Bank of Kuwait 1814444
Public Authority for Industry 25302222
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)22271800
Kuwait Institute for Science Research 24816302
Ministry of Health 24878168
Ministry of Justice 22480000
Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority24640200-98744440

Kuwait Ministry of Interior announced that the Traffic department has launched a WhatsApp number in order to receive complaints, suggestions and important observations concerning the streets and main roads.

Public can send the complaints and suggestions to the WhatsApp number 99324092 and authorities will deal with them accordingly.

Important Reminders:

  • When you call an emergency hotline, try to keep calm and don’t forget to state your name, contact number, location, and nature of the accident/incident.
  • After calling for an ambulance, wait patiently. Attempt first-aid only if you know how and/or if you are qualified to do so.
  • Medical emergencies may be treated in private or government hospitals in the Kuwait. Make sure that you have cash, credit/debit card, and/or insurance.


DISCLAIMER: The above details are presented for information-sharing purposes only.

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