Egyptian expat arrested for “planning terrorist act” in Kuwait


Egyptian expat arrested for “planning terrorist act” in Kuwait

A man has been arrested after bumping his truck intentionally into a car carrying five US citizens, and for possessing suspicious items linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS), Ministry of Interior announced Saturday.

Following preliminary investigations with Ibrahim Suleiman, Egyptian, born in 1988, by security bodies; a hand written letter by him was found in his possession. The letter read his pledge of allegiance to the terrorist group, and adoption of its ideology, a ministry statement said.

Explosives, including a belt, were also found in the truck Suleiman was driving, which was owned by a local contracting company, indicating his intention of plotting a terrorist action in the country, the statement added. The IS supporter suffered a number of bone fractures and was transported to a hospital under security guarding, while no harm was done to the US citizens, said the statement.

Security bodies are still interrogating Suleiman and conducting investigations to uncover circumstances of the attack, in addition to finding the accused’s associates and bring them to justice, it said, reiterating commitment to preserve the safety and security of Kuwait and Kuwaitis.

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