Death toll increases to 15, dozens wounded in Kazakhstan Plane Crash

Death toll increases to 15, dozens wounded in Kazakhstan Plane Crash

Death toll increases to 15, dozens wounded in Kazakhstan Plane Crash

After it lost height, a passenger plane with 100 people on board crashed at Almaty airport in Kazakhstan, news website Reuters announced.

The accident has killed at least 15 people, reported the Central Asian nation’s local aviation authorities. Six of them were classified as children out of 15. In the crash, scores of people were hospitalized.

The Bek Aircraft lost elevation, hit a barrier, and ultimately crashed into a two-story structure during much of the take-off from Almaty International Airport. Until hitting a solid barrier, the plane lost height and eventually crashed into the building, they continued.

Authorities also reported that, apart from five crew members, there were 95 passengers on the aircraft.

To assess the cause of the explosion, a special tribunal will be organized.

Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee said that in a statement that the aircraft was headed for the capital, Nur-Sultan, and “lost altitude during takeoff and crashed through a concrete barrier” before hitting a small house.

“Bek Airline’s flight No Z2100 in the way of Almaty-Nur-Sultan lost its mountain during the take-off and crashed through a concrete barrier. There was a collision with a two-story building. Rescue work began immediately. There was no explosion,” the TASS news agency quoted the Civil Aviation Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure investment.

The Interior Ministry confirmed nine people were killed in the crash. “Nine people were annihilated, nine wounded, including six children, according to introductory information,” the report continued.

The commission and Almaty airport claimed emergency personnel was at the site working to get survivors out. There have also been some photos of the aftermath on social networking sites.

The plane has been identified as a Fokker-100, a baby-turbofan jet airliner of medium size.

Bek Air was created 20 years ago, according to the company’s website, to support VIP flight operations. The company now brands itself as the first low-cost airline in Kazakhstan, nonetheless, and its fleet features seven Fokker-100 jets.

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