Customs warns passengers for unknown parcels

Customs warns passengers for unknown parcels

Director of Air Customs Department at the General Administration of Customs, Walid Al-Nasser, has called on passengers to check their baggage only, not to accept bags from unknown people saying the passenger will be held legally liable for the bags in his/her possession.

Walid Al-Nasser told that if the passenger carries cash of up to $10,000 or its equivalent in local currency, he must disclose it to the customs officers so as not to be held legally accountable under the law of smuggling or money laundering.

Earlier several cases are reported in Kuwait where Indian passengers coming back from their vacation are caught with banned substances which are handed over to the passengers by unknown person or friends from Indian airport.

The airport uses latest state of the art technology to check the baggage to keep up with the latest technological developments.

It disclosed the suspect bags are tagged with a security tape which is unseen by the passenger. This is done to facilitate other passengers to leave the airport with their baggage without being asked to open.

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