8 Curse Words We All Use But Don’t Know Their Origin! Didn’t expect #6!

curse words

The curse words give us immense satisfaction. These words are always at the tip of the tongue all ready to shoot the annoying person. Curse words help us pass away the misery of life just by repeatedly shouting them out. These words insult our haters, hitting a slap on the face just like sarcasm. You might have wondered where their origin is..!!

So, here is the list of the curse words with their origin :

1. D*ck.

You are a d*ck. You can be a d*ck. In the 1800s, due to dysfunctional illiteracy, this word was invented. It actually means a man’s wiener.


2. A*shole.

Before it was a*s, it was an arse. This originated in the 1500s and accordingly it meant to take away the hole and you become an a*s.


3. Goddamn.

“Hey, God? Damn these fools, please. K, thanks.” – This is what Goddamn means. All thanks to French. It was originated during the 100 years war.

God Dammit

4. C***sucker.

C***sucker is of American origin. The word was originated in 1933. It exactly means what it sounds.


5. B*tch.

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