COVID-19: Parks, beaches to remain closed in Oman

COVID-19: Parks, beaches to remain closed in Oman

COVID-19: Parks, beaches to remain closed in Oman

While addressing the 23rd press conference of the Supreme Committee, Oman’s Health Minister Dr. Ahmed Al Saeedi today said that the closure of public parks and beaches will continue till further notice.

He said that within a period of less than two months, the number of intensive care patients increased to 70, compared to 20 cases previously. “There are several factors that determine the containment of the spread of the virus in the coming period, namely the extent to which society adheres to the procedures, the coverage of community vaccination, in addition to the mutation of the virus and new strains.”

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The Supreme Committee also stated that due to the current circumstances and the spread of the new strains, there is no provision to exempt those who received the vaccine from the mandatory institutional quarantine. “Those who received the vaccination are supposed to have immunity and an exemption to them may be done later according to the epidemic data.”

It was also informed that starting next week, the Ministry of Health will begin administering the vaccine to the age group of 60 years and over.

Dr Saeedi said that the effectiveness of vaccinations varies due to several factors, and it ranges between 50 to 90 per cent. “This percentage is sufficient to reduce deaths, infections and complications of the disease.”

The airlines operating into Oman have also been instructed to present passengers’ names to the concerned authorities to enable a seamless flow of quarantine process

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