COVID-19: Kuwait Malls Reopening Strategy 2020

Kuwait Malls Reopening Strategy 2020

COVID-19: Kuwait Malls Reopening Strategy 2020

Proactively protect public health and speed up the pace of economic and community recovery while Restoring quality of life.

The goal is to not only open safely, but create confidence in our society across employers, employees, and customers. The level of guidance will gradually become less restrictive over time, as our confidence in the ability to monitor and contain the disease increases.


• Separating Entrances and Exits.
• Each glass lobby with be designated to be “Entrance Only” and “Exit Only”; refer to layout indicating the entrances and exits.
• Entrance lobbies will be covered with stickers for regulations and precautions.
• Entrance lobbies will indicate “Your Nearest Exit lobbies”.
• Temperature measures will be taken at mall entry at ground level.
• Floor stickers showing where to stand when queuing will be placed along with barriers.
• Customers and employees will be obliged to wear face masks; will be provided with a mask if required.

• Any Customers having any symptoms will be transferred to an isolation room for next steps (TBD with MOH).
• All prayer rooms are closed temporarily.
• No Valet Parking.
• Elevators will be restricted to 4 person per time with foot markers; also, to be restricted to elderly, special needs, and people with trolleys.
• Escalators will have stickers indicating a 2 m distance between each person.
• Entrance and exit apply to elevators and escalators from basement level and GF.
• Hand Sanitizers will be placed at each mall entry as well as escalators, elevators, and selected areas throughout the public areas.


Post clear signage that reinforces new policies, including:

• Social distancing protocols.

• Cleaning and disinfection protocols.

• Personal protection protocols (face masks, gloves) for customers and employees.

• Employees shall stay home if sick/experiencing symptoms.

• Customers shall not enter if they are experiencing symptoms.


Will be restricted to 4 person per time with foot markers; also, to be restricted to elderly, special needs, and people with trolleys.


• Floor stickers to be placed to remind visitors for safe distancing.

• Sterilization is to be made every 2 hours by cleaning unit.

• All benches in public areas to be removed.

• All food court seating area to be removed.

• Visitors are obliged to wear their face mask during their entire visit.

• Precautionary banners to be spread throughout the mall


• Maximum customer limit to be place on facades.

• Maximum occupancy is determined and indicated on a sticker placed on each shop facade as well as digital payments only indication.

• Foot markers outside of stores indicating the recommended social distance for queues in case the maximum limit in the store has been reached.

• Advise against group shopping on the banners and marketing billboards.

• Payments are to be made digitally/online.

• Fitting rooms are advised to be kept closed

Kuwait has imposed a total curfew in the country till May 30 to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. During the total curfew everyone is permitted to walk in their own residential area without the use of an vehicle from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

This has been proposed to the government of Kuwait, in order to allow reopening of malls, if accepted the malls will follow these guidelines.