China reports no new deaths in last 10 days

China reports no new deaths in last 10 days

China reports no new deaths in last 10 days

China has reported no new deaths from the coronavirus in the last ten days, as attention has turned to northern provinces bordering Russia. 

The vast majority of new cases in the country have been imported, according to health authorities. 

Attention has now turned to Chinese nationals returning through the border with Russia in Heilongjiang province.

“The main cluster, the main focus, is the north of the country. This is where we’re seeing the largest number of imported cases,” she said. “There were 12 new cases reported by the national health commission and 11 of those were imported.”

But Wuhan officials revoked the “epidemic-free” status in 45 compounds because of the emergence of asymptomatic cases and for other unspecified reasons.

Asymptomatic refers to someone who is carrying the virus but experiencing no symptoms.

China began reporting asymptomatic cases at the beginning of April.

More than 1,033 asymptomatic patients are under medical observation.

Hitting back at claims China was too slow to raise the alarm, the country’s state media have published what they describe as a detailed timeline of its response and information sharing.