China: Mother diagnosed with coronavirus delivers a stable infant

China: Mother diagnosed with coronavirus delivers a stable infant

China: Mother diagnosed with coronavirus delivers a stable infant

A 33-year-old Chinese mother diagnosed with the lethal coronavirus pneumonia gave birth to a healthy infant girl who had no virus in the Shaanxi Province of northwest China, local media reported on Tuesday.

The Chinese mother has been at the 37th week of childbirth when she gave birth by cesarean to a 2.730 gram-weight baby at Xi’an Jiaotong University’s Second Affiliated Hospital in Xi’an, the province of Shaanxi on Monday, said Xinhua news channel.

As per the regional center for disease control and prevention, the boy, whose first nucleic acid check correlated with the novel coronavirus was negative, is undergoing intensive care and will be checked again in the next few days to validate the virus’s absence.

With follow-up care and treatment, the mother and the child were admitted to the fever ward and neonatal isolation unit, accordingly. Both of those are reportedly in a stable condition, Liu Ming, head of the hospital’s department of medical administration confirmed.

On February 7, the patient was moved from the city of Shangluo’s central hospital to the assigned hospital where, as per the Liu, a working group composed of medical professionals formed a set of treatment plans and planned to maintain the woman and her baby’s health.

At the cesarean section operated by two obstetricians, two anesthesiologists, a midwife, three neonatologists and two nurses.

A 30-hour-old baby delivered in a Wuhan clinic on Wednesday had been the youngest person to discover the infection.

The sick baby identified by CCTV may be a case of “vertical spread,” relating to diseases transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy, labor or immediately afterward.

The ministry said in a statement on February 3, that a baby born to a contaminated mother in January had tested negative.

The virus is thought to have originated in a Wuhan market in December, which marketed wild animals and quickly spread.

The number of deaths in the new coronavirus epidemic in China has risen to 1,016 with 108 new deaths reported mostly in the worst-affected province of Hubei, although verified illness cases have soared to 42,638, Chinese health authorities said on Tuesday.

Beyond China, more than 350 confirmed infections occurred in approximately 30 locations with two fatalities, one in the Philippines and another in Hong Kong.