Canada : Quebec to implement vaccine passports

Canada : Quebec to implement vaccine passports

Canada : Quebec to implement vaccine passports

Quebec’s health minister – Christian Dubé – says that a vaccination passport system will be implemented on Sept. 1 to combat rising COVID-19 cases and an “inevitable” fourth wave. 

The measure was first announced by Quebec’s premier Francois Legault on August 5, with the rationale forwarded being that those fully vaccinated against Covid-19 should have “a somewhat normal life”. 

It will allow those who have both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine to access non-essential services such as bars, restaurants, sporting facilities and gyms as well as cinemas and public events like concerts and festivals.

“Taking into account the increase in cases, the fall coming up with the back to school and back to work and the expected prevalence of the delta variant, the conditions are there to deploy the vaccination passport,” Christian Dubé said.

The passport will be installed on an app that is being tested this week, Dubé said. A paper version will also be available for those without a smartphone. Some 4.7 million Quebecers have already received their QR code, the health minister said.

Health officials say 62 people are in hospital with the disease and 18 are in intensive care. Officials are also reporting 234 new COVID-19 infections but no more deaths linked to the novel coronavirus.

According for a mandatory vaccination order for health-care workers, the government would have to prove that it is both “necessary and reasonable.” If there is an “adjustment” to be made due to rising Delta variant cases, Dubé added, “we’ll do it quickly.” With around 1.1 million more second doses administered, Quebec’s rate will be around 84 per cent.