Bahrain to extend restrictions for 3 weeks untill March 14

Bahrain to extend restrictions for 3 weeks untill March 14

Bahrain to extend restrictions for 3 weeks untill March 14

Authorities in Bahrain on Thursday announced it would extend restrictions put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the kingdom for an additional three weeks.

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According to the new directive, the decisions will be implemented from February 21 to March 14. They stipulate the following:

• All government entities and institutions will allow a maximum of 70% of employees to work from home.

• In-person learning will be temporarily suspended across all nurseries, public and private schools as well as higher education institutes and universities.

• Indoor gyms, sports halls and swimming pools, including all indoor exercise classes, will be temporarily closed.

• Outdoor exercise as part of gyms and sports halls, including exercise classes, will be allowed to continue with a maximum of 30 participants.

• Dining services will be temporarily limited to outdoors.

• All social events or gatherings in private residences or other private spaces with more than 30 participants are strictly prohibited

These restrictions exclude schools and institutions catering for individuals with special needs, for medical students, as well as teachers, principals and all other educational administrative staff.

The new directive comes after a day after a top Bahrain official warned of a “highly contagious variant of Covid-19” in the country. The kingdom has seen an “striking escalation” in the number of active cases, despite “relentless contact tracing efforts”.

Authorities have also introduced additional Covid-19 safety measures for travellers arriving to Bahrain, which will go into effect from Monday, February 22.