Bahrain allows nurseries to reopen

Bahrain allows nurseries to reopen

Bahrain allows nurseries to reopen

Nurseries will reopen in Bahrain, starting from Sunday as the kingdom further eases restrictions earlier imposed due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Minister of Labour and Social Development Jamil bin Mohammed has issued a circular, announcing the resumption of care activities at the licensed nurseries while abiding by the precautions against COVID-19, Bahraini newspaper Al Bilad has reported.

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“It is necessary for owner, administrative staff and nannies of nurseries as well as children’s parents to implement the instructions issued by the Health Ministry to protect public health,” said the minister.

Preventive measures to be adopted by nurseries include daily sterilisation of their buildings, and employment of a nurse in the nursery accommodating 100 children and above. Nannies are also obliged to wear face shields while on duty, and only a family member should be allowed to accompany the child to the nursery and take him/her later in the day.

As part of the health measures, parents are committed to providing home-made food and drinks to their children, with the nursery only providing sterilised water bottles if necessary.