Arab business awards set to premiere in london

Arab business awards set to premiere in london

Arab business awards set to premiere in london

Nearby 1.8 billion Muslims are leading the planet – with a median time of just 24 years – and their spending power is well over $2 trillion.

This is also a quick-growing sector, with the Muslim community set to touch 3 billion by 2060 and the Islamic market forecasted to touch $3 trillion by 2021.

London is the powerhouse for much of Europe’s Islamic economy, with numerous start-ups begun every month in the attempted after sections of modest fashion, premium halal food, and halal cosmetics.

As a conclusion, the British center was the clear choice to stage the very prime ever Arabian Business Awards carried outside the GCC.

The primary concern of Arabian Business magazine was issued in Dubai on January 21, 2001, almost two decades ago. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and is now the significant business brand in the Middle East, read by millions of people beyond the region.

For roughly two decades, Arabian Business has been entertaining awards ceremonies in Dubai, accepting every year incredible achievement stories from the Arab world.

But, of course, the world has shifted – no more so than in the United Kingdom – which is now shelter to so many people with ties to the Arab world and the broader Muslim world. And, as the honors will highlight, many of these personalities have made a scientifically outstanding benefaction to the British economy and society.

The Arabian Business London Awards will honor individuals from a variety of sectors including business, media, sports, culture, and philanthropy.

Individual event sponsors incorporate exclusive banking partner Barclays, event planner Grosvenor Capital, social media partner TINT and the venue for the citations will be 8, Northumberland Avenue, in central London.

The prestigious event will also include a delightful speech by BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil.

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