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Most Annoying Group Chats We All Have to Bear With

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Most Annoying Group Chats We All Have to Bear With

Social media platforms and apps tempt everyone virtually. The toxic group chats are the ones to make you mad every second. Even though you get pissed off with the unwanted chit-chats you can’t escape them. Those annoying group chats don’t let us sleep or do anything at peace.

Have a look at the most annoying group chats we all faced

 1.Greeting of the day messages

Wishing good morning and night is leading the annoying group chats. Greetings exchanged in form of text or  image makes everyone follow the leader.

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2. The family groups

This group has being created by an elderly person of the family. It involves endless typing sharing their routine or your community talks etc. whatsapp-group

3. The long message group

These include long pointless messages, myths or follow the chain to keep you blessed and lucky types. These are one of the most annoying group chats indeed!

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4.Advertising group

With people shifting their mode of income from one source to another a lot is coming out on sale. Their   annoying group chats includes ads, product images, and price tags.


 5.The announcement groups

Best known for being the notorious ones. People give you live updates on birthdays, anniversaries, new member, the death of their neighbor’s pet etc along with images.


6. Data-pack vampires

Most of the time your data pack ends up at the wrong time. This happens because people share silly stuff  like- gif’s, irrelevant videos and images in group chats. They are truly very annoying group chats .


7. “You read the text yet never reply”

Most popularly annoying group chats usually happen when you’re in middle of some important meeting or task.  You always end up skipping these texts and suddenly someone pops up saying you always read but never reply.


8. The stranger group

This friend is always excited to introduce you to his new bunch of friends. So, what he does is add you in a group  which is a room full of strangers. It is filled up with talks and giggles where you were never in the picture yet you need to stay back.


9. The midnight owls

These try to imitate your 2 a.m. friends but are really annoying when it comes to impressing you spoiling your  idea of good night sleep. They are rightly named as most annoying group chat, especially when you wish to sleep!


10.Bored creatures

They  seriously have nothing to talk. “I’m bored! Or Is anyone free?” are their favorite lines to draw themselves  some attention only to kill their boredom. These creatures fuel up the boring chats into annoying group chats.


Thus such annoying group chats not only irk you but also prompt to mute or exit the group.

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