Amnesty period end this Thursday in Kuwait

Amnesty period end this Thursday in Kuwait - Kuwait Today

Amnesty period end this Thursday in Kuwait

The Embassy of India today reminded all Indian expatriates without valid document in this country to make use the amnesty declared by the Kuwait Government. The Amnesty period will end on Thursday, 22nd of February 2018 and officials confirmed that there will not be any extension for the Amnesty.

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior earlier granted an amnesty to illegal expatriates to leave the country without paying fines or to legalize their status by paying fines by February 22, 2018. Those who leave the country during this amnesty period are allowed to enter Kuwait again if they meet the regular conditions of entry and if they were not banned for another reason.

According to sources less than 10,000 people only approached Indian Embassy till date even though the number of Indians without valid documents in this country is much more.

Indian Embassy in a press release today urged all residency violators to avail of this opportunity as the deadline is approaching fast (22.02.2018). Embassy also reminded those applicants who are yet to collect ‘Out Passes (Emergency Certificates)’ from the Embassy, to come and collect the same immediately.

Any expatriate without valid document can collect the Emergency Certificate and leave the country without any further process during the amnesty period, which is till 22nd of this month.

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