Amazon starts drone deliveries in US

Amazon starts drone deliveries in US

Amazon starts drone deliveries in US

Amazon customers in Lockeford, California, will be the first in the US to receive packages via drone. The drone delivery option, called Prime Air, will fly packages to customers’ backyards in Lockeford, an unincorporated part of San Joaquin County, about 50 miles south of Sacramento. 

Each delivery will be limited to five pounds. Amazon said the drones have advanced sensors to navigate around objects, such as trees, chimneys, and telephone poles. 

This is just another example of Amazon automating last-mile deliveries to save time, costs, and resources. 

Amazon is one of a handful of companies using drones for last-mile deliveries. The others include FedEx, UPS Flight Forward, DHL Parcelcopter, Alphabet’s Wing, and Walmart. 

Besides drone deliveries, Amazon wants to put an Alexa drone in homes for “security purposes.”