AETOSWire Press Video, the Leap into the Future of Communications

AETOSWire Press Video, the Leap into the Future of Communications

AETOSWire Press Video, the Leap into the Future of Communications

The developments in communication means and technologies at present times cannot go unnoticed. They subsequently led to significant changes in how we communicate with each other, and how organizations communicate with their audience.

Whether in a bus, metro train, café or the street, it has become the norm to see people everywhere staring at those glittering bright screens of their smart phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, etc. You will find them checking e-mails, reading news, watching videos or searching for something new to buy on e-stores. This is nothing but a clear sign of the fundamental shifts that our modern era is witnessing in how we receive and consume content.

However, the changes were not limited to the general stream of being able to consume content anywhere, they also happened within the domain of preferences related to which type of content is consumed. In this regard, the audience is generally moving towards preferring visual content especially videos than textual content, but without prejudicing the importance of the text that still holds its ground firmly as numerous categories of people are still not ready to give up the habit of reading, and hopefully they won’t.

This new paradigm forced organizations to rethink their traditional methods of communicating with their audience. Some of them have decided to wait and postpone the step of making changes, others started their baby steps towards the news, and a few who want to ensure a place for themselves in the future have taken the strategic decision to adopt a consumer-focused approach, and hence have chosen to keep pace, or perhaps be abreast of current and future needs.

In line with our endeavors to explore new ways of communicating with our audience, we have tried an innovative service provided by AETOSWire, the news distribution arm of News Services Group (NSG) and the exclusive representative of Business Wire in the Middle East and North Africa region. The service is the AETOSWire Press Video.

The service combines the power of the word and image, transforming textual news releases into a less than 60-Seconds animated videos. The idea might sound simple, but the amount of professional and creative efforts behind this service is enormous as it literally makes you ‘watch your press release’ rather than ‘read it.’

The text is transformed into visuals where each word is presented by an image, a graph or a figure. The visuals are then connected in a creative way within a simple and expressive storyline that tells you everything within no time. The craftsmanship in formulating the script of the storyline, and the shrewdness in choosing the proper visuals make AETOSWire Press Videos a powerful tool for telling what you want in less than 60-Seconds. But your surprise doesn’t end here because the story of your Press Video is narrated with the voice of professional news readers adding too much credibility to your story.

Is that it? No. The ease of use is extremely convenient as you can watch the AETOSWire Press Videos anywhere you are on your smart device, and share them on different social media platforms, making them user-friendly and available everywhere even while on the move. The portability features of AETOSWire Press Video extend to offer the issuer the possibility to adapt the Press Video for many different formats, which immensely enhances its value proposition.

AETOSWire Press Video doesn’t only provide benefits in the technical and modernity aspects alone; it in fact ensures better outreach by making the Press Videos available in multiple languages, which is a strong selling point for clients seeking to communicate to international audiences in other regional and global markets.

It is fair to say that AETOSWire has invested enormous time and efforts and utilized unique expertise to produce these Press Videos, and the outcomes were remarkable to us. They provided us with a tool of seamless communication with our audience that was not available previously. Hence, it allowed us to convey our messages in a brief and interesting way that content consumers would surely praise and desire. It is one of those steps towards the future, and we expect further more leaps from AETOSWire.