Abu Dhabi to roll out road tolls from January 2, 2021

Abu Dhabi to roll out road tolls from January 2, 2021

Abu Dhabi to roll out road tolls from January 2, 2021

Abu Dhabi’s road toll system will go live on January 2, 2021 the Department of Municipalities and Transport has announced.

All drivers in Abu Dhabi and visiting the emirate of Abu Dhabi are required to register for the darb system by visiting www.darb.itc.gov.ae ahead of the launch.

Vehicles using Abu Dhabi’s roads are required to register for the system and activate their account. Registration for the system is mandatory.

Activating an account costs Dhs100, Dhs50 of which will be added as credit and Dhs50 as a fee. Fees for passing through the gates will cost Dhs4 per crossing during peak times except for Fridays and public holidays and a cap of Dhs16 per day is placed on all vehicles regardless of the number of times passing a gate. Peak times are from 7am to 9am in the morning and 5pm to 7pm in the evening.

A monthly cap is also in place for vehicles at Dhs200 for one vehicle, Dhs150 for a second vehicle and Dhs100 for each additional vehicle. Four toll gates are in operation located at Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Sheikh Khalifa Bridge, Al Maqta Bridge and Musaffah Bridge. Retired citizens, low-income citizens, elderly citizens and people of determination are exempt from the fees.

Exempt vehicles include ambulances, army vehicles, public transport, police vehicles, Abu Dhabi licensed taxis, school buses, motorbikes and towed vehicles. All exemption applications must be processed through the Darb mobile application. The introduction of the toll gate system is to ‘enhance traffic flow, increase the efficiency of the transport sector and encourage alternative means of transport’.

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