A driver in kuwait yearns for an assistant to comeback in India

A driver in kuwait yearns for an assistant to comeback in India

A driver in kuwait yearns for an assistant to comeback in India

A car operator from Karunthattangudi in Tanjore region operating in Kuwait has queried help from the Government of India to accommodate him to get back home as he needs time to recover after having experienced angioplasty. In yet another warning of the difficulties experienced by Indians working in the middle east, Shankar states he has been ordered to work despite having experienced the medical method lately. “I was advised by the doctors to take rest after my angioplasty but my employers here want me to continue to work. I have been hospitalized for the second time in a week after I fell ill again,” he said TOI over the telephone.

Shankar traveled to Kuwait in December 2017 through a recommendation from a driver from Tiruvarur, who also operated in Kuwait then. Dropping behind his wife S Vembu, a homemaker, a girl and son who are now studying B Com and class XII, he began operating on a 24-month agreement for a Kuwaiti national at Firdous. “I worked for recompense of 80 Kuwait dinars a month,” Shankar stated.

Despite hurting from chest discomfort for approaching to a year, Shankar maintains he proceeded to work as a driver while also carrying out household duties in his employer’s apartment. “I used to take drugs and continued to work. But beginning this month the discomfort got unbearable and I was hospitalized on August 5. I experienced angioplasty to get two sections removed on August 8. The doctor told me to take a break for two months,” he continued.

Speaking over the phone from the hospital, he stated that he was released a couple of days ago and he proceeded back to the owner’s apartment where he was compelled to work as common. He maintained that the owner even frightened to beat him with a stick when he stated an incapacity to work. “I commenced working and underwent breathing difficulty and chest distress, due to which I am back in the hospital,” he replied.

Maraikayar who has attended many such abandoned Indian workers return home told that they could not lend a helping hand to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait due to a range of state festivals. “We would be able to reach the executives only on Sunday. But he is
not like other operators as he requires medical support and care of his family,” he answered and continued that usually, Indians operating in Kuwait used to provide short accommodation to such persons.

“We would land in difficulty if his health degenerated or something untoward occurred. We hope that the social media posts
with his photo and video from the hospital communicates the external affairs ministry and embassy executives in Kuwait,” he maintained and added that Shankar should be assisted in yielding home from the hospital without proceeding back to his employer.

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