59 Indians Infected By Coronavirus In Kuwait

363 Indians in Kuwait Infected By Coronavirus

59 Indians Infected By Coronavirus In Kuwait

Ministry of Health Kuwait statistics showed that 59 new cases of coronavirus were among the Indian community.

Indian community in Kuwait is the largest expatriate community in Kuwait, followed by Egyptians and Filipino community.

According to the Indian ministry of external affairs, there are around 960,000 Indians as of 2019. The community of Indians in Kuwait includes Indian (mostly hailing from the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu) expatriates in Kuwait.

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Kuwait: As of Today April 1

Two Indians traveled to India

20 are from contacts with confirmed cases.

Two Indians cases are under investigation.

Kuwait health authorities are concerned about the acceleration and frequency of unknown sources between the people of this community.

Coronavirus numbers worldwide more than 862,234 people have contracted the virus and at least 42,404 have died.

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