5 Reasons You Experience Lower Back Pain While Walking

5 Reasons You Experience Lower Back Pain While Walking

5 Reasons You Experience Lower Back Pain While Walking

There are many good reasons to include walking in your daily routine. Not only for weight loss, but it is even good for your mood, metabolism, creativity and concentration level. Just the mere act of strolling and enjoying the surroundings for 15-minute every day can do wonders and can be beneficial for your health in multiple ways. But walking comes with its perils and might not be easy for everyone. Walking in some people can lead to lower back pain or can worsen the symptoms for those already suffering from the problem. Here are some common reasons why walking may lead to lower back pain:

1. Muscle Fatigue

The problem of lower back pain while walking is common among obese and overweight people. This is because of the distribution of fat. Their midsection and lower body carry most of the body weight and their lower back has to bear all the pressure while walking. Due to excessive pressure, the muscles get overworked and they feel the pain. Obese people may experience the same after standing for a very long time.

2. ​Strain or sprain

Ligament tear or overstretching of muscle can also lead to pain. Abnormal movement normally tears the ligament that connects two or more bones at a joint, straining or spraining the tendons or muscles. Twisting and falling are the most common reasons for sprain and strain. The pain caused due to sprains and strains is also accompanied by swelling, bruising, cramping, spasms, and/or trouble moving.

3. Muscle spasm

Muscle spasm is different from muscle strain or sprain. It is also caused by sudden movement or twitches in one or more muscles, but it is not as serious as the other two. The involuntary movement increases pressure on your spine and your lower back muscles may tighten, leading to pain. Spasm does not last long and goes away by applying heating pads.

4. Poor postures

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Walking is the most basic activity we perform in our day-to-day life. But like any other activity, there is a perfect form of walking. Strolling mindlessly in an incorrect posture can also contribute to lower back pain. Hunching forward, poor posture, and other lifestyle habits like stress, weak core muscles, tight muscles, high-heels, and sitting improperly at your workstation are some other reasons for lower back-related pain.

5. ​Lordosis

Lordosis is referred to as an excessive inward curve of the spine. It appears like a C-shape curve and differs from the spine’s normal curves at the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions, It is mainly caused due to brittle osteoporosis, obesity, and spinal injuries. This condition can also be responsible for your incorrect posture and may lead to pain while walking.