5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

One can’t learn everything in a classroom. Travel, on the other hand, teaches us a lot, especially when a trip is packed with museum visits. It makes learning about new cultures and the region so much more fun than a classroom lecture. From the world of robotics to virtual reality, here are a few museums that you must have on your list.

Hong Kong Space Museum

Where: Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without a visit to the fantastic space museum. Its large dome façade makes sure you don’t miss it. One of the most popular exhibits is a booth, where you can be harnessed up in a way that feels as if you are walking on the moon. The two display spaces at the museum, the Hall of the Cosmos and the Hall of Space Exploration, house a hundred exhibits, of which about 70 per cent feature interactive designs.

National Air and Space Museum

5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

Where: Washington DC, United States 

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington is a part of the Smithsonian Institution. This museum takes you through the history of aviation and is considered the world’s best museum on the subject. It takes you back in time and enables catching a glimpse of the earliest attempts at human flight, also taking through the fascinating era of the beginning of humankind’s space exploration. Here, you also have a chance to browse through a display of objects that were actually used in one or the other space missions in the past. A truly wonderful place for anyone inclined towards space.


5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

Where: Gothenburg, Sweden

Universeum, located in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, is perfect for a day out with family. Designed for young minds, this museum is centered on science, and includes exhibitions, interactive displays, an aquarium, and even a three-storey rainforest with freely-roaming animals. Its seven floors have exciting experiments to keep children interested all along. Furthermore, the young ones can also live their dream jobs at the Job Land, or try their hand at a few experiments at chemistry lab.

Te Papa Museum

Where: Wellington, New Zealand 

Te Papa Tongarewa, labeled the official museum of New Zealand, showcases the rich history of the country through its huge collections of fossils and archaeo-zoology, plant and bird specimens, as well as many amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Apart from a little history, the museum dedicates itself to science. The highlight here is the largest specimen of colossal squid in the world, which weighs a whopping 495 kg (1091 lb).

Swiss Museum of Transport

5 museums that you must visit in this lifetime

Where: LucerneSwitzerland

The Swiss Museum of Transport details different modes of transportation through its exhibits. The collection of more than 3000 exhibits showcased here, across 20000 sq m of exhibition space, narrates the history of locomotives. Exhibition area at this museum has its spotlight on road, rail, navigation (water) and aviation transport. Of note is the great collection of Swiss car models from the early 1900s.

Source: Times of India