40000 expats stranded abroad lose residency in Kuwait

40000 expats stranded abroad lose residency in Kuwait

40000 expats stranded abroad lose residency in Kuwait

Around 40,000 expatriates have lost validity of their residency permits in Kuwait after having failed to renew them for being stuck abroad due to the global coronavirus pandemic, a Kuwait official revealed Sunday.

“They will be unable to return to the country unless they have new visas, they must get an entry visa or a new visa to re-enter Kuwait” added Brig. Hamad Rashid Al Tawala, the head of Kuwait’s General Administration of Residency Affairs.

There are about 68,000 expatriates with an expired passport. We had addressed this by permitting them to renew or transfer their residencies, provided that the embassy of his country stamps the extension and obtain an official letter certified by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry.

The government had extended the validity of all visas, for those who are inside the country, up to August 31st. Around 4,05,000 people have been benefited from this decision. About 80,000 among this have already adjusted their status after the partial return of work. Approximately 100,000 are on visit visa, and they will leave the country immediately after the end of the period granted to them at the end of next month, he said in his interview.

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In his interview with Al-Rai, Brigadier Dr. Hamad Rashid Al Tawala also said that about 7,000 residents of Egyptian and Indian community had cancelled their residency permanently and left the country during the corona crisis, most of them were single.

Even after Kuwait government announced an amnesty where illegal residents can leave the country without paying fin and without buying air ticket, around 135,314 violators remain in the country, he said.

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