304 Indians in Kuwait Infected By Coronavirus

Indians top among infected foreigners in Kuwait

304 Indians in Kuwait Infected By Coronavirus

304 Indians in Kuwait Infected By Coronavirus

Ministry of Health Kuwait statistics showed that 304 new cases of coronavirus were among the Indian community.

Indian community in Kuwait is the largest expatriate community in Kuwait, followed by Egyptians and Filipino community.

The community of Indians in Kuwait includes Indian (mostly hailing from the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu) expatriates in Kuwait. According to the Indian ministry of external affairs, there are around 960,000 Indians as of 2019.

As of Monday, Kuwait reports 109 news cases of coronavirus, Total 665.


79 Indians cases registered today we related to contact with an infected person.

Coronavirus in India: The total number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed the 4,000-mark and 109 deaths have been recorded due to the deadly coronavirus.

The coronavirus data provided by the central government has revealed that there are 3666 active coronavirus cases in India, 291 were cured or discharged, and 109 deaths have been recorded.

According to the World Bank’s 2015 estimates, India has 176 million people living in extreme poverty, who earn less than $1.9 a day.

What makes the situation so grim is that at least 380 million people in India are employed in the informal sector, According to an analysis of the data gleaned from the International Labor Organization and the Indian government.

Coronavirus numbers worldwide more than 1,288,372 people have contracted the virus and 70,482 have died.

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