1313 Indians infected by coronavirus in Kuwait

23,500 illegal expats register for amnesty

1313 Indians infected by coronavirus in Kuwait

Kuwait statistics showed that 1313 new cases of coronavirus were among the Indian community.

Indian community in Kuwait is the largest expatriate community in Kuwait, followed by Egyptians and Filipino community.

60 Indians residents among 151 new coronavirus cases in Kuwait.

Coronavirus India Update: 21,797 coronavirus (Covid-19) cases recorded in India, as of Thursday.

Among Indian states Maharashtra remains the worst-affected state in the country with 5,652 cases, followed by Gujarat (2,407), Delhi (2,248), Rajasthan (1,935).

World update on coronavirus: Human trials of a coronavirus vaccine starts in the UK today. US continues to have a lead in adding new cases to the global tally of Covid-19 infections. At the current rate, the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 is likely to hit 50,000 in just a couple days.

Nearly 265 million people worldwide could be pushed to starvation by the end of the year as the coronavirus pandemic strains supply chains, agricultural production and national economies, the New York Times reports.

Coronavirus numbers worldwide more than 2,647,512 people have contracted the virus and 184,372 have died.