125 cases filed to evict tenants

125 cases filed to evict tenants

125 cases filed to evict tenants

The rental department court, on the first day of reopening, received 416 new cases in which 125 cases are for evicting the tenants from their properties due to their failure in paying rents in last four months during coronavirus pandemic.

Besides this two cases were filed to recover rents of less then 1,000 KD to set dates for its consideration and inform the tenants of the dates of these cases.

According to source, there are a large number of cases waiting to file, but due to the limited number of appointments, the cases filed are much lesser. The court allowed entry based on prior online reservation.

The lockdown and consequent job loss to many of the tenants made it difficult for them to pay the flat rent in the last three months.

The owners of these new cases were allowed to enter the premises as their cases were registered based on prior reservation booked through online. No litigants are allowed to enter without prior reservation. The court of appeal received 82 new cases, including 28 criminal cases, 21 commercial cases, 11 labor cases, 4 rental suits and 18 civil cases.

The real estate companies have begun in earnest to collect the rents of tenants who have been living in the apartments without paying rents since Kuwait entered its second stage of return to normalcy plan and some economic activities resumed for certain businesses.

The real estate companies have sent official warning to their tenants, stating that “Those who have not paid rent during lock down period to pay the rent immediately or else we will file court case against them” The real estate companies state that as per the contract, the tenants have to pay the rent for according to the use of services.

Even though some Kuwaiti landlords exempted or gave reduction on rents for the tenants, many others forced the tenants to pay the full rent during the lockdown.

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