Top 10 facts about Kuwait

Top 10 facts about Kuwait

Top 10 facts about Kuwait

1. Until 1962, Kuwait celebrated its National Day on June 19, the anniversary of its independence, but in 1963 it changed it to February 25 to avoid the hot weather of June.

2. February 25 was the anniversary of Sheikh Abdullah becoming Emir of Kuwait in 1950. February 26, 1991 was the day Iraq’s occupying forces were driven out of Kuwait.

3. Kuwait has the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves.

4. The national bird of Kuwait is the falcon.

5. There are 1.43 males to every female in Kuwait.

6. in 2006, Kuwait became the first country to introduce the sport of camel racing, with remote controlled robot jockeys.

7. When Saddam Hussein occupied Kuwait in 1990 and named it the 19th Province of Iraq some dissidents called it “Wimbledon” which is SW19.

8. Kuwait has won two Olympic medals, both bronze for Fehaid Al-Dehani at trap shooting.

9. Kuwait is the only country in the world with no natural water supply from lakes or reservoirs but it did open its first grass golf course in 2005.

10. Eating, drinking, playing loud music and dancing during daylight hours in public are against the law in Kuwait during the month of Ramadan.


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