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10 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips

10 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips

10 Essential Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is a trying time for your skin. The blazing sun and the scorching heat can be unforgiving, especially to your skin. Pollution and other environmental contaminants take away your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it oily, dull, and blemished.

Just a few simple changes in your everyday skin care regimen can ensure that you are all set to glow through this season too. Here are few summer skin care tips that can come quite handy. Keep scrolling for 10 skin care tips that will get you through the summer, no matter your skin type. 

1Don’t forget to hydrate

Hydration is always important for our skin, but even more so in the summer. Aim for a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, it will have great results when it comes to your skin. Hydration can also help skin recover after a sunburn — but we know you’re all too smart to get those in the first place.

2Adopt a dual-purpose Moisturizer

It is recommended, switching to a combination moisturizer and sunscreen during the summer. A lightweight moisturizer with SPF of 30 or higher may be plenty for most people. In fact, thicker moisturizers can lead to clogged pores, inflammation, and acne. Especially if you have acne-prone or oily skin, losing one skin-care step with a combination moisturizer/SPF can help keep skin clear.

3Don’t Forget Your Lips

Yes, your lips need sunscreen, too. Since the sun can be extremely drying, keep them soft and smooth by using a rich lip balm with SPF 15 or higher like SPF 30. Don’t forget to reapply it when you’re outside.

4Cool Off With A Mist

Stash a bottle of face mist in your cooler so you can mist your face and body when you’re at the beach. Depending on the ingredients in the mist, benefits can include added hydration, improved absorption of moisturizer, smoother application of makeup, leading to more radiant skin.

5Exfoliation of skin

Dermatologists are often reminding us not to over-exfoliate, but the summertime ’tis the season to slough away. If you have oily skin, It is suggested to incorporate “more exfoliation” into your skin-care routine. That doesn’t mean a daily dose of all your favorite acids, but try slowly increasing the amount of days you exfoliate per week.

6Take a Cool Showers 

Between workouts, beach days, and plain old summer sweat, many of us shower more than once a day during the summer. Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. Turn down the temperature and you’ll pick up a few added benefits. A cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decreasing acne breakouts too.

7Make sure all your makeup is non-comedogenic

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Take a close look at your makeup product labels and only keep those that are non-comedogenic. That’s a fancy word for a product formulated without pore-clogging ingredients. Especially over the summer, It is recommended to wear makeup that is not going to occlude your skin.”That might include options like a powder sunscreen, an oil-free primer, or a lightweight foundation.

8Use a Refreshing Toner

Using a good toner can help you close open pores. This is essential in summer to prevent oil accumulation in the open pores. The t-zone of the face has the largest concentration of sebaceous glands and will tend to look the slickest in the summer months. Pay attention to this zone while toning your face. Use a cucumber or aloe vera based toner which is light and refreshing.

9Go Easy On The Eyes

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The summer weather can be especially harsh on the fragile skin around the eyes. While you choose moisturisers and toners for your face, remember that the skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate as compared to the rest of your face. Pick a good under eye gel that has hyaluronic acid, cucumber, or even honey. These ingredients keep the skin around the eyes hydrated and prevent wrinkle formation.

10Remember to Take Care of Your Feet

Most of our focus is on taking care of our face because it is what everyone sees first. But do not forget that your feet carry you around all day and they need care too. Exfoliate the skin on your feet regularly. Use a moisturiser and sunscreen on your feet if you plan on wearing open footwear.